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Plottegoino is an Arduino-controlled Lego plotter that can print any desired letters. A servomotor operates a switch for a Lego motor. By means of a gear wheel, two rubber wheels are turned that advance the paper line by line. Another servomotor moves a carriage with a pen back and forth. A third motor is mounted on this carriage. Two Lego arms convert its rotary movement into an up/down movement. A holder contains a felt-tip pen that makes dots on the paper through this up/down movement. The Arduino controls the three servomotors in such a way that the lettering that has been entered is plotted. With the exception of the Arduino parts, the plotter consists almost entirely of Lego blocks, and servomotors are also mounted by means of a Lego construction. In the fall of 2018 I had begun making several smaller projects with my Arduino UNO. Shortly before the Christmas break I received several servomotors. Over Christmas I then finally had time to try them out. I wanted to use them to create a more ambitious project, which led me to the idea of making a plotter out of Lego blocks. In this project I learned and improved several programming techniques. For the submission of the project, I spent a great deal of time working on video editing and learned a great deal about this as well.


Benjamin Aster

Benjamin Aster (b. 2005) attends the Akademisches Gymnasium Salzburg. In his spare time, he enjoys programming, especially with Arduino, and creates mechatronic projects. He also works with robotics and designs models for 3D printing. Benjamin is very interested in mathematics: in 2017 he was the Austrian national champion in his age group in the Känguru Mathematics Competition. Another of his hobbies is singing: as a member of a children’s choir, he has sung in China and at such notable events as the Salzburg Easter Festival.