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Digitaler Mordversuch

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SchülerInnen der NMS Hittisau CyberWerkstatt der NMS Hittisau

Matteo Gärtner (), Philipp Giselbrecht (), Rafael Gmeiner (), Johanna Hofer (), Iannis Kadgien (), Martin Kohler (), Daria Madlener (), Stella Reinecke (), Yannic Schwärzler (), Peter Stumvoll ()


Digital corporations are exerting more and more influence over our lives, and they could actually even make an attempt on our lives. Our intensive involvement with digital media and the technical possibilities of our time gave us the idea of playing through just such a case and capturing it on video. We included self-driving cars, the “helpers” of everyday life such as Siri, Alexa, and Google, the cross-linkage of things and people, and the globalization of data through corporations. That is how our film project about life in the digital age came about. We students discussed the topic, developed the idea, wrote the script, collected and created the required costumes and stage sets, acted, managed the lighting, found locations, filmed, and edited the scenes. We were advised and supported by two teachers. The film locations were NMS Hittisau (physics hall, auditorium, music room, computer room), Helmut Schwärzler’s repair shop, and the underground parking garage at Sozialzentrum Hittisau.


SchülerInnen der NMS Hittisau CyberWerkstatt der NMS Hittisau

We, Matteo Gärtner (b. 2005), Philipp Giselbrecht (b. 2005), Rafael Gmeiner (b. 2005), Johanna Hofer (b. 2005), Iannis Kadgien (b. 2005), Martin Kohler (b. 2005), Daria Madlener (b. 2005), Stella Reinecke (b. 2006), Yannic Schwärzler (b. 2006), and Peter Stumvoll (b. 2006) worked together to make the film Digitaler Mordversuch (Digital Attempted Murder). This school year, NMS Hittisau started offering CyberWerkstatt as an elective course, which we all chose because we are very interested in computers and digital media.

Mittelschule Hittisau, Unterrichtsfach CyberWerkstatt
Lehrpersonen: Melchior Schwärzler, Hanno Metzler