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Anerkennung - Honorary Mentions

fake synthetic music

Stine Janvin (NO)


“Tones ‘dance’ in the immediate space of their body, around them like a sonic wrap, cascade inside ears, and out to space in front of their eyes ... “ - Maryanne Amacherr

Inspired by architectural music pioneers and rave de-constructors, my live work is an ongoing exploration of the Fake Synthetic Music concept, currently a stage piece for voice, echo, and lights, recently materialized as a double LP on PAN and a number of live presentations around the world. Aiming to present physical full-body audio visual experiences, Fake Synthetic has become a method for creation and a sort of stage language for me, where the dualities between the digital/organic, minimal/dramatic and natural/artificial are always at play. The curiosity for psycho- and oto acoustics occurred through experiments with a digital echo effect and using this as a simple voice extension, enabling doubling of tones to create melodic patterns with the bi-product of imaginary and actual in ear tones. Initially trying to imitate synthetic sounds with my voice, I found that the combined voice and echo became its own hybrid instrument, making a mono signal from an amplified voice, sound like a detailed electronic production, just from the physiological features of the listener. This inspired me to also compose for the eyes, so I started working with programmed lights as well. An important aspect in my Fake Synthetic work is that the sonic and visual elements stimulate physical reactions in the audience's body, and that this can trigger questions of what is real and fake, or if there actually is a difference between the two. These ideas have led to a collaboration with video artist Erik Ferguson, who works with flesh-like, organically looking digital animations, and further development of this work is my next step for the "fake synthetic" concept. I would like to expand the live presentation to a multidisciplinary work involving video and movement as well as sound, acoustics, and philosophical reflections.


Stine Janvin (NO)

Stine Janvin (NO) is a vocalist, performer and sound artist who works with the extensive flexibility of her voice and the ways in which it can be disconnected from its natural, human connotations. Created for variable spaces from theaters to clubs and galleries, the backbone of Janvin’s projects focus on the physical aspects of sound, vocal instrumentation, and potential dualities of the natural versus artificial, organic/synthetic, and minimal/dramatic. In addition to commissioned work and collaborations for and with other artists, such as Ula Sickle and Adam Linder, Janvin is also performing regularly with Native Instrument (Shelter Press, Entr’acte) and her alter ego ST/NE (Laura Lies In). As an interpreter, Janvin is a member of the Holly Herndon Ensemble, and performs contemporary music by composers such as Catherine Lamb, Maja S.K Ratkje, and Øyvind Mæland.