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Anerkennung - Honorary Mentions

“Play Back” Curing tapes



Rewinding curing tape with a motor. The performers use a switch to control the rotation direction of the motor and its ON/OFF. Each time the tape is rewound on to the motor axis, it makes peeling sounds and continuant sounds. Magnetic tapes, such as cassette tapes, playback sound through magnetic heads when they are rewound from one axis to another. The performance of Shojiki analogically connects the two movements of “Rewinding a magnetic tape” and “Rewinding a curing tape.” The magnetic tape, which is a sonic reproduction medium, has a powder that can be magnetized which is called a “magnetic substance” coated on to it, and on the other hand, curing tape has an “adhesive agent” coated on to it. Sounds can be recorded, played back, and erased on magnetic tapes many times, and on the other hand curing tapes are made for temporary adhesion, and therefore can be taped on and peeled off several times. Just as the magnetic substance on the magnetic tape wears down and degrades, the adhesive agent on the curing tape also becomes weak after being used. SHOJIKI refers to the physical characteristics of sonic reproduction mediums from this coincidental tie between the two different tapes and “playback” curing tapes.



SHOJIKI (JP) is the duo Muku Kobayashi and Mitsuru Tokisato, formed in 2016 and based on the concept of playing honestly as much as possible. Recent performances use a motor and a curing tape, and in 2018 a cassette tape "KB" was released.

Camera for video documentation: shikakun, Manami Seki
Thanks to: Makoto Oshiro, biki, pool sakuradai