Eco-Bot.Net: Defending The Digital Environment

Barnaby Francis (GB), Robert '3D' Del Naja (GB), Dale Vince (GB)

Eco-Bot.Net is a collaborative initiative aimed at systematically analyzing greenwashing and climate disinformation on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Developed with input from data scientists, technologists, journalists, artists, and litigators, the platform aggregates, exposes, flags, and visualizes extensive data. This data, publicly accessible, equips researchers, press, litigators, and policymakers with robust evidence to hold fossil fuel companies and social media platforms to account. The project identified a significant knowledge gap in advocacy, press, and litigation sectors regarding systemic greenwashing analysis, particularly highlighted during COP26. Adhering to the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity and EU GDPR frameworks, it emphasizes ethical and legal data handling. Recognized for its innovation, Eco-Bot.Net won 'Innovation of the Year' at the 2023 British Journalism Awards. 

The project employs novel data scraping and ML/AI analysis to address a critical knowledge gap in advocacy, journalism, and litigation sectors. Integrating arts and creative processes provides a unique cultural perspective on pioneering data science work. Eco-Bot.Net is the world's first public platform offering comprehensive analysis and transparency of greenwashing and climate disinformation at scale. 

Eco-Bot.Net utilizes advanced AI and ML tools to monitor and analyze social media data from high-emission actors and sectors globally. During COP26, the project provided intelligence briefings to the UK COP26 presidency team. It offers real-time data analysis and visualization to support investigative journalism and climate litigation, revealing hidden targeting data in greenwashing campaigns. By creating a public evidentiary archive, the project aims to influence discourse and policy, making information accessible to a broad audience. 

The project fosters cross-sectoral collaboration among diverse professionals, including artists, journalists, litigators, academics, technologists, designers, and policy experts. The team includes nine nationalities with 34% female representation. During COP26, participants tagged and verified over 3,000 data records. Inclusive decision-making ensures active collaboration among diverse partners. In December 2023, Eco-Bot.Net secured funding to develop the project into a Climate Ad Archive with Oxford University’s Human Centred Computing department and Climate Litigation Lab, enhancing evidentiary data collection and validation at scale. 

Eco-Bot.Net has established media partnerships with major outlets like The Guardian, Time Magazine, New York Times, and New Scientist, achieving over one million views from news articles. The project promotes knowledge sharing through workshops and trainings, and participatory workshops during beta testing helped refine the platform. Innovative data visualizations ensure accessibility and comprehension for a wide audience, with public campaigns launched during COP26 further amplifying its reach. 

 Eco-Bot.Net supports the European Green Deal's goal of climate neutrality by 2050 and reducing emissions by 55% by 2030, aligning with the 2023 European Commission plans to require evidence-backed green claims for products. The platform also supports the UN's call to end greenwashing, providing data sets and analyses to EU member states, the UN, journalists, and litigators on greenwashing communications by major polluters. 

In 2023, new partnerships with Oxford University expanded data collection and developed the project’s evidentiary databases for global class action litigation, with the Climate Ad Archive set to launch in Autumn 2024.


Institute For Strategic Dialogue -

Jennie King - Lead Researcher
Lukasz Janulewicz - Analyst
James Peel - Legal Advisor

Francesca Arcostanzo - Data Scientist

Centre For Analysis of Social Media (CASM) -

Jeremy Reffin - Lead Data Scientist
Justin Crow - Data Scientist
Carl Miller - Research Director

StudioNeural -

Barnaby Francis - Project Manager -

Nayanatara Ranganathan - Lead Developer

Manuel Beltran - Lead Developer

Jeroen Barendse - Consultant

Edwin Jakobs - Lead BE Developer

Climate Litigation Lab (CLL), Oxford University -

Benjamin Franta - Director

human centered computing, Oxford University -

Dr. Reuben Binns - Technical Supervisor

Hrishikesh Barman - Lead Data Scientist
Sruthi Viswanathan - RA
Neil Natarajan - RA

Tom Davier - RA


1 - COP26 Pilot (2020 - 2021)

Dale Vince
Arts Council England
European Climate Fund
Global Strategic Communications Council (GSCC)

2 - Eco-Bot.Net - Phase 2 (2023 - Ongoing)

European Climate Fund

KR Foundation

Barnaby Francis (UK), known as Bill Posters, is a UK artist, author, and disinformation researcher. His work explores disinformation, persuasion architectures, and power dynamics in public spaces and online, using a network-based approach. Collaborating across arts, sciences, and advocacy, he engages in various projects including conceptual, intervention, and synthetic art. His Spectre installation with Dr. Daniel Howe won the Sheffield Doc/Fest 2019 Alternate Realities Award. Posters' viral synthetic media artworks sparked global press and unexpected official responses from Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Posters founded StudioNeural, a new media and arts production company that specialises in applying emerging technologies and AI to the arts, advocacy,  journalism and TV sectors.

Robert ‘3D’ Del Naja (UK) is an artist, musician and activist most noted for co-founding Massive Attack; pioneering street art techniques; and multi-disciplinary innovations in the use of data visualisation and AI technology, executed within the realms of art, music and documentary.

In 2020 Massive Attack commissioned The Tyndall Centre For Climate Change Research to create a roadmap to decarbonisation for the music industry.

Dale Vince (UK) OBE is the founder of Ecotricity and a United Nations Climate Champion. Born in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, in 1961, he left school at 15 with no qualifications and spent the next decade living on the road in a variety of unusual vehicles. Dale has always been very active in Ecotricity but it hasn’t stopped him getting involved in other environment-related projects. His unwavering passion for the planet and commitment to making positive change in key areas of food, transport and energy have seen him pioneer the following projects: Forest Green RoversThe Nemesis, Electric Highway and his first book, Manifesto – part-memoir, part blueprint for the future of the planet. Dale explains how focusing on energy, transport and food can solve the climate crisis and change the way we live for the better in other ways, too.

This multi-stakeholder initiative involving researchers, artists and journalists aims to identify and classify online content as corporate greenwashing or climate change disinformation. An innovative conjunction of collective empowerment and technology usage, this project addresses intersecting challenges–mis and disinformation and the role of media in our society, and the relationships between capitalism, geopolitics and anthropocentric climate change.