Social inclusion and participation of Deaf and Hard of Hearing adults in Citizen Science for Climate Change (CitSci4All)

Katerina Zourou (GR)

To achieve its goals, the project developed innovative accessible materials for DHH trainers and adults to facilitate their active involvement in citizen science for climate change. 

CitSci4All expanded its knowledge on the inclusion of DHH citizens in research, by offering a robust framework based on citizen science principles. Thus, the project delivered a series of educational materials, aimed to introduce DHH adults to citizen science, and its tools.  CitSci4All aimed also at influencing policy, by heightening awareness of the social value of Citizen Science (CS) within disadvantaged communities in Europe. Through the implementation of citizen science mini-projects by DHH communities of the partner countries, participants’ developed, reflected and shared their ideas and insights with regards to public participation in science.  

CitSci4All placed a strong emphasis on co-creative learning, with stakeholders from diverse backgrounds, spanning various fields, from education to training and science. Moreover, CitSci4All was designed on the premise of diversity and collaboration to foster inclusion of DHH citizens in citizen science projects and initiatives for climate advocacy and climate awareness. Digital technology and tools were a key instrument of communication but also of propagation of knowledge and expertise from partners to DHH participants. The CitSci4All Online Citizen Science Toolkit ( is an innovative resource, designed to be accessible and DHH-friendly. The online toolkit is open access for all DHH citizens to use, while it is available in 4 EU languages, namely French, Italian, Greek and Cypriot. Additionally, CitSci4All developed a bonus educational material that fosters creativity and citizen science skills of DHH citizens; this material takes the form of a card game available open access to all interested parties (

We would like to thank and acknowledge the meaningful work and collaboration of all Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing (DHH) adults who participated in project activities in the 4 project countries, from Greece and Cyprus to Italy and France. We would also like to thank the DHH educators and Sign Language interpreters who facilitated our engagement with the DHH communities throughout the project.

Katerina Zourou (GR) is a recognised researcher in the area of technology-enhanced education, focusing on open and social learning in education. She has produced one scholar book (Palgrave/ MacMillan), three journal special issues and more than 30 peer reviewed papers at international journals and conference proceedings. She is regularly invited to give talks or to participate in expert panels. Katerina is the Managing Director of Web2Learn, a R&D company in Thessaloniki, Greece, established in 2014. Web2Learn is a partner in more than 20 transnational EU-funded projects. 

Christophe Kedzia (FR) is Director of the IRSAM organisation. IRSAM supports people with disabilities, mainly those with sensory impairments, in specialized (sheltered) workspaces, in mainstream settings, as well as, in learning and training centers. 

Enrico Dolza (IT) has a PhD in Special Education at University of Torino and he has extensive experience in the field of education and training, mainly related with disability studies and politics. He is executive Director at the Turin Istitute for the Deaf, he is contract professor of Special Education at the University of Torino. Enrico has over 10 years experience in developing and managing EU projects and he has been involved in over 16 EU funded projects. 

Yiota Mourettou (CY) is the Head of Research and Development at Citizens In Power (CIP). Giota is coordinating the projects of CIP. Yiota has obtained a diploma in Applied Mathematics and Physics by the National Technical University of Athens. She has studied acting at the prestigious Drama School of Greek Art Theatre-KarolosKoun in Greece, whilst she has acquired a Master Degree (MSc) in Media and Communications by the London School of Economics (LSE). 

Thanos Loules (GR) is working in the administrative department of IT at IASIS. He has studied as a computer network applications technician and office automation and he is active in the technical field. Also, he has participated in training of network and computer installations. In addition, he has participated in volunteer actions. His key competences are i) adjustable, ii) hardworking, iii) methodic in problem solving.

CitSci4All is an initiative that empowers Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) people to participate in citizen science efforts actively focused on climate change. Through workshops, materials, and community engagement efforts, the project improves scientific understanding and promotes inclusivity, diversity, and meaningful contributions to the DHH community and the wider scientific community.