BP100: Community and Architecture Festival

Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre (HU)

Budapest100 is an annual festival launched in 2011, celebrating and preserving the city’s architectural heritage with strong community involvement. It promotes the idea that every building is significant, drawing around 10,000 visitors yearly and encouraging community engagement and knowledge sharing. The festival goes beyond architectural appreciation by fostering social cohesion and dialogue about urban issues.

The event’s organization starts each year with research on buildings based on archival materials and selected themes, such as the centenary of 1910s buildings, the Grand Boulevard, river embankments, public spaces, Bauhaus heritage, Buda Castle, and, most recently, late modern heritage.

Volunteers, recruited through an online call, participate in a 4-month mentoring program to develop necessary skills. Their tasks include engaging with residents and organizing activities like history walks, community picnics, exhibitions, and games. The festival culminates in a celebratory weekend in May, highlighting the city’s tangible and intangible heritage, as well as its residents.

Budapest100 fosters sustainability and community-driven actions beyond the festival, as residents and volunteers continue organizing community events and initiatives. The project stands out for its community focus, distinguishing it from other European heritage events. It inspires citizen involvement in renovation and urban planning, promoting sustainable cities and communities, while catalyzing dialogue about urban issues, and inspiring the establishment and strengthening of residential communities.

The festival showcases scientific quality, social impact, diversity, communication, innovation, and a European dimension. Recognized by the European Heritage Awards/Europa Nostra Awards in 2023, Budapest100 exemplifies inclusive, participatory initiatives addressing community, heritage, and urban challenges.


Budapest100’s success is reflected in over 650 opened buildings, 2,200 volunteers, and around 160,000 visitors in 14 years. Its annual budget of €30,000-35,000 is mainly provided by the National Cultural Fund of Hungary and the Municipality of Budapest, with small additions by district councils and private sponsors. The event’s organization is led by a 15-member team consisting of 2 project leaders, 1-2 research leaders, 3-5 volunteer coordinators, a communication and PR specialist, a website content manager, and experts responsible for the urban walks and the professionals’ day.   

Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre (HU) KÉK (Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre) is an independent institution focused on architecture, urban development, and their relation to communities. With 15 years of experience and a vast partnership network, KÉK plays a pivotal role in Central Europe's architectural culture. Our strength is the combination of wide-range participation, complex analysis, and innovative content development. KÉK organizes exhibitions, conferences, festivals, and community events, and manages long-term projects like community gardens. The experts of KÉK participate in advisory roles in urban development programs and architectural projects.

BP100 is an annual festival in Budapest which celebrates the city’s heritage by asking citizens to open up their historic buildings, and sharing personal experiences of the architectural history. With 13 years and 160,000 visitors, this project shows the power of citizen science to gather typically hidden knowledge from citizen historians in an accessible way.