Hip-hop music to honor the Syrian memory: Resisting dictatorship, sectarianism and war through music in Syria

Amir Almuarri (SY)

I was very young when the uprising started in my hometown, Idlib. I had to adjust to living in a war-torn territory and face countless losses of family and friends. To channel all this and manage to stay sane and hopeful in this context, I focus on creating songs that give voice to a population under siege, men and women who were resisting bombardment and attacks by different fronts, armies and geopolitical interests. My most popular song, which was widely covered by international media, is "On All Fronts".  

In my work, I like to particularly focus on Syrian youth, how they interact with their war-town territories and where they find hope, including through training disciplines such as parkour. I'm also very invested in exploring how technology and digital platforms allow populations under siege to be present and connect with international audiences. And most of all, I’m dedicated to honoring the Syrian memory, including the detainees and disappeared, sharing a tribute to all those who sacrificed so much for freedom, justice and dignity.


Director: Yaman Antabli

Composer: Fares Dannan

Lyrics and singing: Amir Almuarri

Amir al-Muarri is a hip-hop artist who is constantly looking for new ways to tell the Syrian story. He started studying Media and Journalism in Idlib, before he was displaced with my family to Azaz, in northern Syria "A'zaz". After that, he received death threats from extremist factions, and had no choice but to go to Turkey.